A Brief Insight Into Modern Gun Holsters

Did you know that holsters predate guns? Of course, back then, they were quite different in design and were primarily used by hunters to carry spears and rocks. The first holsters for holding handguns were designed in the 1800’s when guns were fast becoming the most popular choice of personal protection. They were usually large pommel bags that were used to carry multiple handguns. However, it was not until the 1840’s that belt holsters became popular- the same kind that one gets to see in the innumerable Western classics.

Since then, the humble handgun holster has undergone multiple design changes and upgrades to result in what we now know as the modern gun holster. Modern gun holsters are holistic devices that offer safety and comfort when carrying a concealed weapon. Since these holsters are made exclusively to adhere to the contours of each handgun model, the handguns fit in snugly within the holster. This reduces all chances of the gun coming loose and falling off the harness, even under extreme conditions.

What makes a good holster?

The primary function of a holster is to carry a gun safely. Holsters are designed to be affixed to a part of your body – usually along the waist or ankle – in order to make for an easy draw. The holsters are designed to be attached to one’s belt or other clothing articles. Specialized holsters such as ankle holsters have an inbuilt support that is used to affix the device onto one’s body.

Owing to the specialist security features in a holster, it is generally safer to carry your handgun in a holster than in your pocket. Holsters are generally worn in easily accessible locations. This includes on the waist, behind the back, at the chest, on the ankle, upper thigh etc. The location of the holster defines the draw speed, safety and the ability to conceal the weapon.

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