How to Play Golden Tee at Home

How to Play Golden Tee at Home

The story behind Golden Tee virtual golf game is as fascinating as the game itself. An idea—a golf simulator designed for family entertainment venues—that proved too big for its time, but whose creators saw promise in their software and brought the golf experience to arcades all over the world. Now you can bring that cultural icon, the nostalgia, and the fun into your home in an updated format on par with today’s technology. Read on to learn how to play Golden Tee at home.

Golden Tee: Game Overview

If you haven’t played before, Golden Tee uses a trackball to simulate a golf swing. The trackball setup (versus a traditional joystick) is approachable for new players and allows for nuanced control as you improve your skills. The appeal of the original software was its ability to create unique courses featuring settings from all around the world. Each year, new courses are released. When you buy a Golden Tee Home Edition, you’ll have access to dozens of unique 18-hole courses, and the ability to upload more each year.

Play Modes:

Casual Play Mode was designed for beginners. You have the ability to adjust difficulty and a streamlined set of customizable options and equipment. Anyone can play in this mode, which also makes it great for at-home entertainment. You don’t need a login or a subscription, although this means you also won’t be able to track your stats or compete with others online.

Online Play is available with a subscription and allows you to track your stats, compare against your previous games and other Golden Tee players, and compete in online tournaments. You can also create private contests that allow you to compete virtually with your friends. A subscription (available monthly or annually) also includes additional courses and even more customizable options (from the appearance of your avatar to your golf clubs and tees).

What You Need to Bring Golden Tee Home:

When you buy a Golden Tee Home Edition, you’ll bring home a game cabinet and the HDMI cable needed to connect to an HDTV (not included). You need about 3×2.5 feet of space for the cabinet alone, 5×2.5 feet if you purchase the model that includes a stand for the television. You do need to provide your own HDTV, but you can use your television for other games or tv-watching when you aren’t playing Golden Tee. Using Casual Play Mode, you can start playing as soon as your game cabinet is set up, but you need an internet connection and subscription for online play and to access additional features.

Golden Tee is a classic arcade game that adds to the culture of your game room while providing your family with endless fun. If you want to bring the Golden Tee Home Edition to your home, call Greater Southern Home Recreation at (678) 240-0007.

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