5 Reasons to Use a Balance Board for Hockey

5 Reasons to Use a Balance Board for Hockey

You might not realize it yet, but practicing on a balance board for hockey could be the best thing you could do to improve your hockey game. One of the main reasons is that balancing on a board gives you an extra edge in the game because it builds core strength. Beyond core strength, balancing on a board helps to build critical muscles and skills that every hockey player needs in order to be effective in the game. Here are a few reasons you might be able to benefit from using a hockey balance board on a regular basis.

1 Build Core Strength

Probably one of the greatest reasons to use a hockey balance board is that it helps to build and develop a healthy core. Your core is the reason why you are able to walk across the room without falling on your face. Core muscles keep your body in balance so that you walk, run, skate, or everything else that you do on your feet.

2 Build Balance Skills

Balance skills play an important role in everyday life. Just imagine how crucial they are when it comes to being able to skate on ice. By practicing on a balance board hockey, you push your core muscles to grow and strengthen. But by integrating different exercises into your regular balancing workout you blast your balance skills beyond fantastic. Balancing on the board while doing a set of squats is a great way to build your balance skills better than you could have ever imagined.

3 Build Muscles

By working your core muscles you actually strengthen your whole body. Imagine that you double up on your workout regimen by balancing and squatting. Yes, you build muscles as well. The other muscles that you are building beside your core are your ankle muscles along with your calf muscles. Your core muscles are things that you can pull your shirt off and flex to show your friends, they are a network of muscles that you can not see unless you look for their strengths in the way that you carry yourself. Other muscles, like the legs and calves, they will build as well and you can definitely show them off. One of the greater things about building muscles is that muscle mass helps to burn fat.

4 Build Endurance

Endurance is a must-have for any hockey player. In order to continue to play after racing around the rink and moving around at full force, you need to have the kind of endurance that keeps you going for the entire game. Working out on a balance board for extended periods of time builds core strength and endurance. When training on a balance board you are training your body to keep going even when everybody else is tired and ready to quit.

5 Support Lower Back

Building your core muscles can help you to build the muscles that you need in order to give your lower back a break. When people that lack core strength picks up heavy objects from the ground they tend to rely on their lower spine and back for strength. With a strong core, the body uses core strength instead of the lower back which results in fewer back injuries and a healthier lower back.


There are virtually endless benefits to working out with a balance board. These 5 are merely an outline of the top ones. When you take the time to build your core strength in a way that doesn’t overdo your muscles, you gain much from it. Try it for yourself and see what happens.

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