How Drones Impact Professional Sports

If we had drones with hi-tech cameras in the 80s, probably the ‘Hand of God’ goal wouldn’t have been considered, and we would’ve had another winner for the 1986 world cup. Today drones are being consistently used not just for small matches, but also for major sporting events.

A drone, also known as ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’ (UAV) is one of the most innovative technologies developed in recent times. Not only is a drone flexible, lightweight and easy to operate, its biggest advantage is its ability to maneuver. Drones can easily fly between buildings and skyscrapers with ease, being a major plus for photographers and videographers. Apart from being used for filming and journalism, drones are also making their presence felt in sports arenas across the globe.

Enhanced viewer experience

Ever noticed how beautiful flyover shots are captured during live matches? Wonder how the bird’s eye-view of the match is taken with so much ease? Thanks to drones and the wonderful hi-tech cameras for impeccable videos and high resolution images. Every broadcaster wants the fans to have a wonderful viewer experience, to make them feel they are right in the midst of all the action; and these breathtaking views are definitely making an impact. Unlike helicopters, drones are lightweight and can easily lower to ground level to magnify problem areas. They are flexible enough to capture images from different angles, to the spectator’s delight. Drone footage is precise, clear and suitable for live streaming and live television. So if you’ve not got your tickets for your favorite game, you can still enjoy amazing drone videography live.

Aids in sports performance analysis

In recent times, drones have played an important role to analyze different games of sport. Even college football teams use drone technology to record their practice sessions and games. Before the invention of drones, coaches have had a tough time viewing the overall team performance from the ground level. Drones have helped them immensely by providing clear coverage of the whole game, helping both coaches and athletes study the right hand and leg placement, and spacing between players. It is also a cost-effective option when compared to cable-suspended aerial camera systems. Recently, the Arsenal Football Club and the Scottish Rugby Union have been using drones to review the performance of their players. Drones have also been used to analyze pitches in cricket, and also to provide data on the amount of grass cover, topology etc.

Can be used for adventure sports

Want to capture a video of you parachuting for your Instagram followers? Want to push your boundaries and capture that beautiful free fall while bungee jumping? Drones to the rescue! The shots captured by drones are simply out-of-the-world. It gives adventure seekers an idea how the whole thing looks from up there. And if you have cold feet, the stunning backdrop in these videos should melt that away. One example of a breathtakingly beautiful shot is the video “Dream…” by Pilot Viking, which is one of the 2017 Drone Video Awards Winners (for the Sports category). The drone footage shows BASE jumpers and slackliners in action, also capturing the magnificent views of Kjerag in Norway. Recently, drones have been used to capture The Winter Olympics at Sochi, 2014.

Safer for the stadium audience

A few years back, during a motorsport event, a cable-suspended aerial camera fell from its position injuring many fans and also severely damaging many riders, causing a panicky situation in the arena. Since then, many organizers are looking for safer technology, which not only provides excellent footage, but also ensures the safety of the audience. Drones are the most likely choice, due to their amazing features. However, drone again is a technology, and any technology is bound to fail. It is important to pilot your drone carefully keeping safety precautions in mind, in order to create a safe and comfortable ambience for people around. Nevertheless, features of drones are evolving with time, and in the near future, we can expect a masterpiece.

‘Follow me’ drones

Wonder how cyclists capture moving selfies? The answer is follow me drones. Off late many cyclists, mountaineers, bikers and other athletes have been capturing all the action using exceptional follow me drones. Powered by GPS transmitter technology and advanced software, these drone moves along with the athlete, giving the viewer a feel of the entire sport from the athlete’s point of view. Some even come with other awesome features including waterproof motion tracking, personalized flight paths, precision tracking and much more.

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