Can I Install Synthetic Ice In My Home?

synthetic ice

Synthetic ice has been a fantastic option for serious hockey players and ice skaters for many years. In fact, it is easy to install, safe to have indoors and acts so much like real ice it is a perfect alternative. However, is it so versatile that you can install it inside of a home? Millions of happy hockey enthusiasts all over the country are choosing to build real live hockey skating rinks in their homes, and you can too.

Ice Hockey at Home

Although there are similar flooring types such as dryland hockey flooring that people can use to build a practice area with, synthetic ice is the only way to actually be able to ice skate. Dryland tiles will only allow people to rollerblade on or use tennis shoes. If you want to ice skate, you have to install true synthetic ice. Or, install real ice, which might be a bigger pain than you would think. One of the best things about synthetic ice panels is that they are very versatile and easy to install. Snipers Edge Synthetic ice panels easily snap together and hold tightly in place when they are installed on a flat, hard surface.

Survey Your Home

If you want to install synthetic ice in your home you have to take a look around your property and see what is available for great installation conditions. You want to make sure that you have enough room to move around on, as well as have a flat hard space to build on. When you find a good place that you believe would be a suitable area for your synthetic ice installation make sure to measure it out so that when you go to purchase your panels, that you have the right size. Many people build ice rinks in their garage, or on a patio in the back yard. Wherever you have some extra room, you can most likely install synthetic ice if  you make the correct preparations.

Build a Plywood Base

If your home does not have an adequate area for you to build on, but you have ground that is not flat, or is not hard, such as carpet, you can install plywood boards on top of the flooring to put the synthetic ice panels on. As long as the plywood that you get will not curl at the ends or has a bunch of dips in it you will be fine. Synthetic ice is sturdy and rugged so you can install it practically anywhere and not have to worry about damaging it too much.

Tap the Edges

When you have your flooring area all dialed in and you have begun to install your ice panels, make sure you do so with a little patience. The tabs on the edges of the ice panels were crafted so that you can easily bond them together at the tabs, then make them flush and straight when they are on the flooring. The less room that you leave between the seams the better. Of course, you will be able to see the seams, but when you skate over them you don’t want to feel them. If you tamp the edges down gently with a rubber mallet as you install them you can seal your bonds tightly together and not have to worry about edges that stand above the rest of the flooring.

No Rollerblades

Rollerblades do not work on synthetic ice. If you have ever tried to rollerblade on an ice rink you might know why. Although you can make a huge rink with synthetic ice, big enough to play an official game, just stick to ice skates on it and you will have no problems.

The Answer is Yes

All in all the answer to the question “Can I install synthetic ice in my home?” is a solid YES. Synthetic ice tiles are sturdy, easy to install, and last a very long time. As a matter of fact, if you really love hockey it is probably the best thing you could do for your game.

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