How To Ensure Safety While Playing Cricket?

Playing Cricket

When you are playing cricket as your profession, then it is extremely important to be safe while playing. If you are injured, you may have to go through surgery which can give a break to your career. However, certain types of injuries can be prevented if you follow all the safety measures. If you are safe and healthy, your practice and growth in the sport will not be affected. Let us discuss some of the most important safety measures that must be taken while playing cricket.

Always Wear a Helmet:

Even if you are just practicing in the nets and not having a match, you must wear a helmet. When you are not able to predict the bounce of the ball correctly, then the ball may hurt your head. A head injury can lead to many serious health problems. To prevent the same, it is suggested to always wear a helmet while practicing cricket. Moreover, make sure that you have a standard and reliable cricket helmet. You must look for the branded and high quality cricket helmets to ensure safety while playing.

Stay Hydrated:

Playing cricket on a professional level means you have to keep your body strong and fit. During the matches, you must be able to give your best performance even under the bright sun. keep drinking water and other essential energy drinks to stay hydrated. It will keep you fit and keep up your stamina. Staying hydrated will also maintain the glucose levels of your body. When you drink more and more water, your body temperature will remain in control and you will be able to play for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is suggested to keep drinking water while you are playing a match or practicing in the nets.

Wear All Safety Equipment:

In order to feel more comfortable, most of the players often neglect to wear some of their safety equipment. If the ball hits that particular part of your body, then the safety equipment will keep your body safe from injury or pain. If you do not feel comfortable, then you can try purchasing a branded cricket safety equipment. They make the players feel comfortable and are reliable for safety as well. Apart from that, you must wear shoes that are designed to be worn for cricket. This will protect your feet from cramps and improve your play. But for extra protection and comfort, you can add a good pair of insoles to help you out.

Keep the Pitch Clean:

When the ground is being used for the play after a week or so, then there might be some small pieces of stones on that pitch. It may change the path and movement of the ball unexpectedly. This will not only spoil the game but will also make batting unsafe. When the pitch is not flat and cleaned, then the ball might bounce and injure your upper part of the body. Therefore, it is suggested to clean the pitch and make it flat before playing. You can also clean up the stones with your bat when you see them while playing.

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