Best Entry Level Road Bikes – What Do You Need To Know

Although best road bikes have certain traits, finding the best entry level road bikes usually comes down to personal needs and preferences. There are several guides that go into small details as what you should be considering when it comes to buying one. Nevertheless, if you are actually looking for a certain type of bike to give you an idea then you must continue reading.

Some of the bikers may not agree but of course everyone has different preferences. You perhaps be looking to only get out there for as cheap and fast as possible; you may want to think a bit more about your first bike or you perhaps want to get the best road bike. It is safe to state that this post is certainly going to help you more if you are considering getting your feet wet and get a fair priced valuable road bike just get out there as quick as possible.

First and foremost, the road bikes mentioned below have been picked due to the value and price they offer to the rider. As you are an entry level biker you are going to want a mixture of value and quality. These bikes mentioned below do that and offer a lot more. It is also worthy to note that they are all priced under 1500 USD which makes it an even better reason to at least take a look.

Raleigh Air Lite

Raleigh Air bikes are extremely popular for quality which is also one of the reasons they have stayed in the business for so long. One of the best entry level road bikes includes Raleigh Airlite 100. The bike has great visual design and is very well made. For a decent road bike that comes under 1000 USD, this is certainly hard to miss.

Vittesse Sprint 21

This is another amazing road bike that should be included mainly due to the price it offers. It offers great value for money and also an amazing experience for beginners. With the 21 Shimano gears you will enjoy greater control, it is a great option if you are traveling to work every day or consider going on off trips.

Trek SL1000

This is yet another amazing choice for beginners who are considering getting out there and experience the roads. It is priced under 1000 USD which makes it accessible to entry level bikers and its triple gear chain makes it also easier to control. The bike is great as it easily handles distance rides but it also performs just as well in your short trips. A bike like Trek SL1000 can be used to travel to work but also be used to go on long treks.

Overall several people have had some great experienced with the aforementioned bikes. Consider your personal preferences and what you are willing to pay and then figure out all of your options.

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