Tips to Using Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans

Tips to Using Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans

The search for the best mobile phone plans can be complicated and this is largely because different people have different needs and therefore what’s good for one person is not necessarily the best for another. However, most people find flexibility and affordability as key concerns when gauging a mobile phone plan and that’s why this article will focus a bit more on prepaid mobile phone plans.

How Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans Work

Prepaid mobile phone plans are considered the most versatile because they can either be in the form of monthly pre-paid credits, sim-only plan or even come with a mobile phone. You spend on mobile resources before you can use them and this is the primary difference between prepaid and unlimited mobile plans. However, unlike the postpaid monthly plans, mobile prepaid plans also allow you to shift from one carrier to the next within a short time because their contracts last for a lesser time period. On average a post paid unlimited plan will last about 12 months whereas you can get a prepaid monthly plan lasting about 3 months. In some countries the prepaid monthly plan can be as short as one month.

How to Use Prepaid Mobile Plans While Traveling

The prepaid mobile plan is idea for travelers because of its versatility and how easy it is to get it. Unlike the post paid version, which comes with longer term contracts, the prepaid contract is shorter and therefore ideal for travelers. If traveling to Australia, a search for mobile plans Australia for travelers will mostly yield prepaid options and very few unlimited options. This is largely because since Australia is a large country, there are likely to be several carriers to provide network coverage over the entire country. Being on a locked network will limit your network access and that’s why the prepaid option is great for travelers.

Choosing the Right Carrier

Your best bet at getting the best mobile phone plan is to go for a larger carrier network. Smaller carriers may offer a wider range of services and you will notice that most of the services are static and work best if your schedule is limited to within a certain area. Therefore, you may find the carrier network offering wifi hotspots in outdoor areas as well as cheaper indoor wifi. These services are great but they don’t appeal to all mobile phone plan clients. If you are on the move, then you need the convenience of a reliable and wide coverage. You also need to be assured that if you cross from a network coverage to another, you won’t face enormous roaming charges.


Though this article focuses on prepaid mobile phone plans, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best option for everyone. People have different mobile usage and therefore, one person’s cheap plan is not necessarily everyone’s best choice. However, you need to try out the other mobile phone plans or at least spend some time evaluating the average costs depending on your own mobile phone usage.

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