How To Use A Puck Rebounder


Using a puck rebounder is hard work, but very beneficial for anybody who takes the time to train with one. One of the greatest things about a Sniper’s Edge puck rebounder is that it is so versatile that it can be used in a ton of different drills. It can also be used on a number of different flooring types. Real ice or synthetic ice is always best, but you can use this bad boy virtually anywhere.

Some Easy Drills

Drills are a way to keep your skills sharp and build some new ones in the process. Although there are millions of drills that you can do to sharpen your rebounder skills we have chosen a few for you to start with. The most important thing is that you participate in your own growth by staying sharp, and focused on a daily basis.

Moving Hockey Rebounder Drill

This drill allows you to keep moving as you make your way through the exercise.

Set your PassMaster at the edge of your rink with the triangle point facing away from you, and your hockey tarp to your right or left.

Get close to the PassMaster and start by passing a puck to it. Let it rebound, then pass it back. Each time you pass to it, take a step back and repeat so that each pass that comes back you are further from the rebounder. After the fourth pass as the puck rebounds to you take a forehand shot at the goal and make a point. Do this 5 times then switch the rebounder to the opposite side and focus on your backhand shot at the end.

Stationary Rebounder Drill

Set your rebounder up to sit with the triangle point facing away from you, on your dominant hand side a couple of feet out from your shooting tarp so that the rebounding puck will come at your dominant side from the goal in front of you.

Pass the puck with a forehand pass to the rebounder and let it come back to you. Slide the puck behind your body to your other side and shoot a slick forehand shot into the goal.

Repeat this exercise 4 or 5 more times, then switch to the other side of the goal then reverse backhand to forehand and forehand to backhand.

Hockey Passing / Stickhandling Drill

This drill is a little different. This way you can get a feel for the puck coming from either side of the rebounder, and sharpen you up close skills.

Start with your rebounder a couple of feet in front of you with the triangle point facing you. This way there are two open rebounding sides in front of you. Have the shooting tarp in front of you so that you have a clear shot at it.

Choose whichever side you’d like to start with and put a puck down in front of it. Make two quick touch passes then switch to the other side. Repeat this a few times then slap the puck over and make a backhand shot.

Reverse back and forth between backhand shots and forehands shots.

Repeat this exercise 4 or 5 times.


As we talked about earlier, there are many ways to practice with your rebounder. Sniper’s Edge has been around for a long time and is the number one choice for serious hockey players. Come to us with any of your hockey training needs and we will be glad to help.

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