Five Innovative Ways to Market Your Local Gym Business

Local Gym Business

Running a small independent gym in today’s world of big brand names can be very tricky. You likely won’t have the same space, equipment, or means to bring in new customers and keep them happy. What you can offer instead, however, is a comfortable, third-space vibe that brings your community together in ways that end up being far more successful than simply owning an expensive gym membership.

Your business model and approach are completely valid and can be a huge success. If you find that you’re struggling, however, then it’s time to take your marketing up a notch, which you can do by following this guide:

1.   Ask Your Existing Customers What They Like (And Don’t)

First things first, you need talking points. You also want to make a few key improvements if there are any. Ask your existing customers what they like and don’t like about your brand. Use what they like as talking points or as a verified review (with their permission) to help market your brand. Work on improving those key issues alongside your marketing efforts, so you then have a winning product your new customers will love.

2.   Add Merchandising

Merchandising is a great way to help your loyal customers to support your brand and also market your brand when they’re out and about. If you want them to wear what you have to offer regularly, however, it’s essential that you really consider the design of your T-shirts, hats, wrist bands, and more, and also put care into selecting a high-quality supplier like Anthem Branding in Colorado. You need your customers to be impressed with the quality of the item and the design, in order to buy it in the first place and then wear it regularly around the neighborhood.

Tip: Hire a designer to create your merchandising branding. Your logo alone isn’t likely enough. Having someone translate your existing branding into their own artistic interpretation will turn heads.

3.   Host Events

Host events in your area. You can organize a instilling team pride primer marathon, for example, as a way to help people train for a real half or full marathon. You can host clubs, special events, tournaments, and so much more. These are a great way to pull in the general public, bring the community together, and, naturally, market your local gym during the process.

4.   Host Challenges

There are health challenges throughout the year, and you can use them to help market your business. January is a time when people try vegan food, for example. You can host an online Veganuary special to help your customers to stay vegan throughout the experience. During that event, you can market your online “Get Fit” program to help with their second goal of getting healthy in the new year.

5. Sponsor Good Causes

There are going to be so many good causes that need support. If they’re anything health-related, you can and should try to sponsor them. If you can’t do this monetarily, participate. Even if all you technically do is market volunteer opportunities to your existing members, you can help. If you do organize volunteers, get some of those shirts from your merchandising line and hand them out to your volunteers. This way they’ll actively market your business while they’re out doing good for the community.

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