What You Should Look For When Buying Used Golf Clubs

If you are a budget golfer, then the best way to get yourself a golf club is to buy a used one. This is also true for newer golfers, who may not want to splurge too much on their golf equipment, but still wish to enjoy the game. But buying a used golf club can be tricky since they may not be as good as the new one. But to make sure that you do get a good golf club, we list out four things you need to look out for when shopping for them.

Check The Shaft

If you are checking steel shafts, ensure that they have not been bent back into its proper shape. And if you are looking at a graphite shaft, makes sure that there is no wear and tear since this might indicate a weakness, which can later cause it to break. Plus, check the grip and ensure that there are no cracks or splits since you may have to re-grip the clubs. If it does require re-gripping, then your total acquisition cost of the club will be higher.

Inspect The Club Heads

If you are shopping for used wooden clubs, make sure that you check the crown area for any dents. And if you are looking for metal clubs, see to it that they don’t have any shiny spot in the center of the clubface. This not only indicates excess usage, but these clubs will not hold the ball as well when compared to those without too much shine on the clubface. Also, avoid all metal clubs which have an indentation on its face.

Use The Club

Do not ever buy a used golf club without swinging it a few times. You will never know how good or bad a club is without holding it in your hands, getting yourself in position and taking a few swings. It’s as simple as that. And if possible, take a wiffle ball with you and try hitting it with the club. This should give you a good enough idea as to how well the club performs when it hits the ball.

Compare Pricing

Always remember to compare the pricing of the used golf club you are buying with other newer models in the market. For example, check out the Toronto Golf Nuts used golf clubs classifieds to know the prices of a used golf club you are interested in. Then, compare it with the prices of a new golf club of the same model, and you should get a pretty good idea of whether the used club you are buying is value for money or not.

As long as you make sure to check the clubs for the above four factors, you should be able to get yourself a used golf club that is cheap and serves you very well on the golf course.

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