What To Do If You Have Suffered A Slipped Disc

What To Do If You Have Suffered A Slipped Disc

Suffering from a slipped disc can be an incredibly unpleasant experience, especially if you are usually fit and active. This is because, as with any back injury, a slipped disc is incredibly debilitating and can leave you struggling to complete even the most basic movements.

Thankfully, most slipped discs do not develop into anything more serious. However, you still need to be aware of how to recover from the injury quickly so that you can return to normal life as soon as possible and prevent the same problem from cropping up again. Moreover, while every slipped disc is different, there are a few proven steps that can help you to recover quickly, regain full mobility and minimize the amount of pain you are in.

For instance, you should first understand how the slipped disc happened in the first place. As with many injuries, a lot of people tend to get so shocked about the injury and associated recovery that they don’t fully break down how the injury occurred. This is what to do if you suffer from a slipped disc.

Seek Medical Help

One of the most crucial steps you need to take if you suffer from a slipped disc is to seek medical assistance immediately. While this might sound blindingly obvious, many sufferers of slipped discs either don’t know that they have picked up the injury or try and ignore it, hoping that it will go away all on its own. This is unsurprisingly a mistake, because you can quite easily allow the injury to worsen and become chronic – leading to sustained pain and a long-term injury.

When you do seek medical attention, the doctor is likely to advise you to rest up for a few days until the initial swelling has died down, and then ask you to gently start exercising again. However, in some more severe cases, you may need to undergo surgery or stem cell treatment. You can find out more about the latter at bioxcellerator.com.

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Understand how You Slipped The disc

Another vital step of the recovery process is to understand how you sustained the injury in the first place. It is all very well recovering quickly, but if you are only going to go and pick up another slipped disc in the same way again, there is no point.

For example, you may have lifted a heavy object incorrectly. Instead of doing this again, learn how to do it safely next time. Similarly, you may have picked up the injury while playing sports. If this is the case, then identifying whether you have a weak muscle group or poor technique will be useful to prevent further injury in the future.

Once The Swelling Has Reduced, Start Becoming Active Again

A slightly counterintuitive tip that is associated with slipped disc injury recovery is the fact that you must refrain from physical activity for a few days, but then start to become more active as soon as the initial swelling has died down. 0Essentially, this ensures the actual injury does not become worse, but then doesn’t become too stiff or tight from lack of movement.

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