What Is Athleisure And Why It Is Here To Stay

Athleisure is a billion dollar market. It is hot and here to stay. But what exactly is athleisure? Well, it is simple – a combination of the words Athletic and Leisure. This is clothing, that can be worn for exercising and for daily use. Some of the variations are sneakers, hoodies, sports bras, yoga pants, shorts, gym tanks and so on.

The Athleisure trend probably started with the rising of the fitness mania sometime around the ’70s. People started to wear casual clothing to exercise. And all of the innovational fabrics like lycra, nylon and other synthetic fiber materials helped to boost the performance of the athletes. Some of the basic pros of these materials were an extra stretch, the ability to absorb the sweat and to leave it out of the body, softer feel and so on. These still are the unique selling points of the athleisure clothing. Click here to get more information about athleisure clothing.

The main idea behind casual clothing is that has to be comfortable. And what can be more comfortable then gym suits? That’s why the big brands in the athletic industry transitioned to become more athleisure wear brands.

There are several reasons why Athleisure uphill trend will continue. Here are just a few of them.

  • You can wear them whenever and wherever you want. That is why Athleisure wear attracts not only fitness maniacs. Next time you are attending some party just look around. You will probably notice that the athleisure trend is very well accepted at these types of events. People wear athletic clothing while walking on the street or at a casual dinner. Another benefit is that athletic wear is more durable and the wrinkles are not a problem. Thus, people like wearing sportswear.
  • You can wear it in any weather. Because of its sweat-absorbing qualities, athletic clothing is ideal for the summer. It will keep your skin dry. And in the winter, hoodies and sports overcoats will keep you warm. Athleisure clothing brands make clothes that are weather-adaptive.
  • Activewear is perfect for work, too. Today is very common for the people working in offices not to wear suits and ties. More employers are accepting the athleisure outfit. It is just more comfy.
  • Innovation is an everlasting process. The top priority for athletic brands are comfort and feel. Their main goal is to develop even better fabric and to add qualities to it, which will improve the performance of the athletes. And in combination with implementing the latest fashion trends, the results are staggering. Athletic wear that is comfortable, fashionable, and you can use it on different occasions – what can be better than that?

Athleisure won’t go anywhere, because of the fact that it is just cool. It has so many benefits. You can wear it at home, work or in the gym. It is easy to wash and dry. The level of comfort of athletic wear is beyond any of the other alternatives. So go to the local shop or online, choose your athletic outfit and feel good wearing it.

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