The Fascinating World of Binoculars

Picking up a pair of binoculars is not as simple as one would think. Depending on the applications, there are many makes and types of these tools that you can choose from. A pair of binoculars is a good long-term investment, and those who love the outdoors know that out there, there can be no compromise with the essential tools.

The Different Applications of Binoculars

The Outdoors

An endless debate amongst bird-watchers is whether to go for a 10x or an 8x. The former offers more distance but the latter allows for a wider field of view, easier to track the elusive birds. Hunting binoculars need to be light and built for rough use. Non-slip grips are a good feature and a wide field of view is very important.

The Skies

Stargazing binoculars have their special features that set them apart from the hunting and birding ones. Things to check when looking for a pair of binoculars include the prisms, field of view and the image stabilization qualities – really useful when you are scanning. Astronomy binoculars can be hand-held, ideal if you seek mobility and want to enjoy quick scans for your favourite planets and constellations. Tripod-mounted astronomy binoculars are meant for those who are ready to spend more time observing the skies – with tripod-mounted pieces, you will not be able to perform quick scans. Top brands of astronomical binoculars include Canon, Celestron and Orion.


Night-vision binoculars are very heavy on tech, utilizing available lights for a specialized optical experience. There is a wide range of products from beginner level imports to state-of-the-art tactical binoculars featuring a larger viewing range and special coating. One of the main features of night-vision binoculars is the head gear, which should fit snugly on the wearer. If you are going to wander about in the dark, do it in comfort. Some powerful innovations in the field of night-vision optics include inbuilt illuminators, and micro channel plates, found in Gen 2 devices. Some of the established makers of night vision binoculars are Bushnell, Armasight and ATN.

Things to look out for

Eye relief is very important when you pick up binoculars. Eye-cups should extend to accommodate those wearing eye-glasses. This also gives more shade to the user in bright conditions. The best way to judge image quality is by looking at the sharpness and colour. The ideal magnification depends on what you will be using it for. Hunters would prefer a 14X. When buying a more compact binocular, you will be sacrificing on some of the magnification. Always opt for multi-coated lenses when you can.

Premium brands offer the best experiences but there are many other companies that sell very high-quality binoculars at great rates. Stock up on research before taking the plunge when it comes to binoculars shopping. Experts like the describe detailed lists and features of the latest binoculars in the market, with the context that you need. Founded on a deep interest and understanding of the optics requirements humans need in the outdoors, the website is a treasure trove of information and suggestions based on the diverse applications of these instruments.

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