Tennis Betting Tips- What You Should Know

Tennis Betting Tips- What You Should Know

Before we get to the tennis betting details, allow me to ask, how much do you know about tennis as a sport? Because knowing the basics of the game increases your chances of placing that winning bet on your favorite gambling platform.

Originally known as lawn tennis, tennis is a game played by two opposing players either as singles or in pairs. The players use rackets to hit the ball on a rectangular court, and the points are awarded depending on the opponents’ ability to fail to return the ball when it falls within their prescribed dimensions. The International Tennis Federation governs the sport.

Betting on Tennis

Many internet gambling sites will have a range of betting options on all major tennis tournaments and tours. The tennis betting odds are also competitive, so you will mostly have an enjoyable experience when placing your bet, even as a beginner.

As is the norm with sports betting, the odds are what determine exactly what you win on the bets you place when they are successful and the outcome correctly predicted. The odds represent the likelihood of an outcome occurring, and if the outcome is less likely to happen, then the odds are as high as they can be, and the opposite is true. Take consolation in the fact that sports betting is not wholly dependent on how knowledgeable a person is about tennis, but also on the laws of probability.

The odds in a tennis game can be presented as below:

  • Moneyline: This is a popular way of betting, mostly in North America, where you bet on a specific player or team to win an upcoming tournament. You bet on an outright, straightforward win on the match, and if the tennis player you place your wager on wins the match, then you automatically win your bet.
  • Decimal: This kind of tennis betting is most popular in Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Decimal odds represent the total payout amount that you win, and not the profit, for every $1 wagered. You get your total bet returns by multiplying the decimal odds offered by your stake/the amount you wish to bet.

For example:

1 x 2 Odds

Player A: 2.10

Draw:       3.75

Player B:   3.85

If you place a $200 for player A to win, then your potential return on the bet will be calculated as below:

2.10 x $200= $420.

This amount is inclusive of the initial stake of $200, and therefore your potential profit is $220.

  • Fractional: Popular in Ireland and the UK, fractional bets are not very popular since they are not very easy to compare against the other odds formats and are expressed as a fraction. To calculate the much you stand to win, you multiply the amount you wish to stake by the fraction. Fractional odds are simply the ratio of the profit won on a bet to the total stake amount.

For example:

5/1, read out as “five to one”, shows you that you can win up to a total of five units for every one unit that you stake.

6/4 fractional odd means that for every four units that you stake, you expect to get six units.

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