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Keen gamblers will no doubt be aware by now of the huge growth in online casinos offering cryptocurrency as a means of depositing and withdrawing funds. There’s a reason why so many casinos are switching to digital currencies – for example, getting money out of a traditional web casino can be a slow, wrought-out process which takes far too long when you need immediate access to your funds. Since Bitcoin transactions are quick, anonymous and relatively simple, it’s clear why so many gamblers are choosing to switch to a mBTC online casino.

What is an mBTC casino?

Quite simply, mBTC is short for MilliBitcoin, or one-thousandth of a Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin is a high-value cryptocurrency these days, many users are processing low-value transactions in fractional amounts. An mBTC online casino allows users to deposit small amounts of Bitcoin to play low-stakes games with. Of course, the option to play for large stakes is there also.

What to look for in a MilliBitcoin casino

Gamblers who have never dabbled in the world of cryptocurrency might not be familiar with what to expect from an mBTC casino. It’s quite simple, and not entirely dissimilar to what you’d look for in a traditional site. The four main questions gamblers should ask themselves prior to signing up are as follows?

  •         Is this mBTC casino well-established?
  •         Does it offer a wide variety of games?
  •         Will it cater to casual low stake players as well as high-rollers?
  •         Are there any attractive welcome bonuses?

Thankfully, there’s one site which ticks all these boxes, and more – NissiCassino

Why choose Nissi Online Casino?

Nissi Online Casino offers a live, immersive experience which transports the player to the hustle and bustle of downtown Vegas from the comfort of their own home. From hi-octane Roulette to exciting Blackjack, all the live tables games you would expect from the big-name gambling sites are here, with the bonus of being able to use cryptocurrency as your stake.

In addition to this, there are hundreds of fun slots games to play, with the chance to win big. With themed games like Valley of Pharaohs and Blackbeard’s quest, you can enjoy colourful graphics and incredible sounds while you stake your claim to the top.

Sign-up bonuses

When you sign up to try NissiCasino.com, you can expect to receive a 100% first deposit bonus up to the equivalent of $4,000 – there’s never been a better time to embrace online gambling with the cryptocurrency you hold… so why wait? Get involved today and embrace the chance to win big!

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