Know About The Best Pool Table Installation Services

Billiards is a great recreational activity. It’s fun for all ages, and it takes time to master the skill, which just makes it all the more addicting to play.

However, to have the most fun with your billiards equipment, the table needs to be installed correctly so that games can be played smoothly, and balls roll accurately. To achieve the best game play, you’ll need to bring in experienced people who have the right tools to do the job.

If you’re in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Rockwall, or Atlanta area and need a pool table installed, go to the professionals. Ultimate Billiard Service is a professional company that offers installations, assembly, and relocation of pool tables for local people and businesses.

Professional Accuracy

Ultimate Billiard Service employs multiple technicians, and all of them have training and experience to ensure your pool table is installed correctly and quickly.

Ultimate Billiard Service does it right. Your Pool Table Installation will be checked to ensure it is level, that all seams have been waxed and glued, and that the cloth on the table top is properly stretched for smooth and fast rolling.

After it is positioned, Ultimate Billiard Service’s techs will also check to ensure it is absolutely perfectly level by using a machinist’s level, calibrated to 1/100 of an inch.  This method gives the best results possible, as the tools used are much more effective than traditional carpenter tools.

Easy Delivery

Whether you’re moving and bringing your old billiard set with you, or having a new one delivered from a local dealer, you can count on Ultimate Billiard Service to handle every aspect quickly and with a smile.


Ultimate Billiard Service offers installation for homes, restaurants, and various businesses.

After your pool table has been placed and installed correctly, you can also count on Ultimate Billiard Service to help you maintain it and extend its life. If something happens and your pool table needs a repair, Ultimate Billiard Service can help with that, too.

Friendly and Trustworthy

With over 20 years of experience behind Ultimate Billiard Service, and countless repeat customers, it’s clear that there is no company that can compare in service and accuracy.

Ultimate Billiard Service is committed to providing friendly, efficient, and affordable installation to everyone they service.

Dozens of businesses, bars, and restaurants count on Ultimate Billiard Service to install, maintain, and repair their billiard equipment. You can trust that you will have a wonderful experience as well.

Schedule Your Installation

Ultimate Billiard Service serves families and businesses in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Rockwall areas of Texas. Services are also offered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ready to schedule some professional service? Call 214-298-3689.

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