How to start GMAT training online

How to start GMAT training online

A proctor will ask you to utilize your webcam to offer a 360-degree image of your workstation before you begin the GMAT online. They must ensure that the space where you take the test is private and that no one else is there. 

You will require a workspace for the GMAT online that is: Free of all books, papers, writing implements, and electronic gadgets, except for the computer you will use to take the test and the permitted whiteboard you will use for your scratch work. You are well-lit so that your proctor can see you the entire test.

GMAT training online Expert Tip: Your test will terminate and your score will be canceled if you move out of the webcam’s field of view while taking the exam. During your breaks, you are free to get up from your seat.

GMAT Online Technology And Equipment

You must have the required tools and technology to take the GMAT online, including:

A desktop or laptop has an operating system that has recently been updated

  • Microphone, speakers, and a webcam
  • A personal work area
  • Enough internet connectivity

It is not possible to take the GMAT online on a computer that is connected to a corporate firewall or VPN. Additionally, using a tablet or phone to take the exam is not permitted.

Online GMAT Whiteboards

You can use a physical or digital whiteboard for your scratch work during the GMAT Online exam. GMAT training online will offer the physical whiteboard, which must be: One erasable whiteboard; you will be responsible for providing the digital whiteboard.

White only (without any additional colors or markings, such as grid lines).

Approximately 12 x 20 inches (30 x 50 cm) maximum

Up to two dry-erase markers and one whiteboard eraser are permitted. Before you start the test, check your markers! You don’t want them to run out during the test, so if yours are older, you might want to use new ones.

Is Taking The GMAT Online Or At a Testing Centre Better?

It is entirely up to you whether you take the GMAT training online  or in a testing facility; neither test style has a clear benefit. There are two crucial elements to think about as you make your choice.

Do you have severe test anxiety on test day, to the extent that it overwhelms your brain and causes you to perform noticeably worse than on practice exams? If so, you might want to take the GMAT online. You may find it easier to concentrate on the day of the test if you are in a familiar setting.

Consider taking the GMAT training online  in the testing center if you don’t have severe test anxiety.

Online GMAT Scores

The GMAT online scores are issued in the same manner and are identical to the regular GMAT scores. In all situations, your computer screen displays your GMAT results right away once the test is over (except the essay).

After taking the test, you may normally access your official GMAT score report in your account within 7 business days (though this can technically take up to 20 days). When your official report is ready to view on your account, GMAC will notify you through email.

Your official score report will be sent to up to five colleges as part of your GMAT exam price. If you take the GMAT training online, you have 48 hours to select 5 colleges after the test. If you take the GMAT at a testing facility, you will select one of these five colleges while you are there to take the test.

As long as your scores are still valid, you can send extra score reports to schools at any time (for a cost). After the test date, your GMAT training online scores are valid for 5 years. To send reports to other schools, sign in to your account.

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How To Prepare For The Online GMAT Exam

Regardless of the format you select, your studies will be nearly the same for the GMAT Online and the GMAT administered in a testing center. To offer yourself the maximum freedom, don’t decide how you’ll take it at first; be ready to take it anyway.

Regardless of the GMAT test style, plan to devote the same amount of time to preparation. Students would normally invest an average of 100 to 200 hours over three to six months to get a very competitive score (680+) or a particularly large score improvement (250+ points). You’ll take practice tests regularly as you study for the test.

Scratch paper is the only distinction between the two types. For the GMAT online, you will have access to a physical whiteboard that you must purchase as well as an on-screen whiteboard. Because the physical whiteboard is only 12 by 20 inches (30 by 50 centimeters) in size, you will have to erase it as you proceed with the test.

You won’t have the on-screen whiteboard for the GMAT test center, but you will have a booklet with 5 laminated pages of legal-sized paper, which is enough space to finish one portion of the test. You can exchange your booklet for a new one once you’ve finished filling it up. (Ideally, do this during breaks to avoid having to stop any of your test parts.)

Follow both the testing center and the online procedures while taking practice exams so that you are prepared for either scenario. You might decide to take the formal test in both formats.

Wrapping Up

The following are three important things to consider when preparing for the GMAT. You must first understand how the various GMAT online issue types operate. You should also be familiar with the material covered on the GMAT. Third, you need to understand how decisions you make during the test affect time management and logistical issues (such as your scratch paper or whiteboard).

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