GPS Golf Rangefinders…Do You Need A Subscription?

Purchasing a rangefinder can significantly improve your game and help your confidence on the greens. Deciding on a GPS model also means that you are getting technology that allows for highly accurate distances based on the generally programmed courses. However, this isn’t always a free service. Unlike the laser rangefinders where all you need is the device itself, you are looking at something that is specific to where you are based on mapping. Some of them require a monthly fee to continue to use the service. Let’s take a look at what some of that entails and potential costs to determine if that is the best fit for you.

What Kinds of Subscriptions Are There?

Looking up a few different brands it becomes noticeable that it is usually an annual fee starting at roughly $20. Plus the fees also differ depending on the model of rangefinder that you get, even within the same company there are still different options based on the features that are offered to you (such as an LCD screen, or watch versions). The lowest tier of subscriptions is generally one that allows for course mapping on different courses within your state that you are registered in. So you would register for where you play on a regular basis because that is what makes the most sense.

Another option is a nationwide option (remember these could vary between companies and between models as to what is offered, so be sure to check with the one that you are looking to or have purchased). This type of option generally allows for course access for any that are within your nation or country so if you travel a lot and play golf everywhere you go, than his might be the one for you.

There is also another that allows for worldwide access to courses, which means wherever you go, you’re covered and can get accurate results and readings (as long as the golf course has been mapped). As you probably guessed, this is one where you will be able to go anywhere in the world and play your golf, just make sure to pack your clubs.

Are There Any Other Perks?

Some offer other perks such as a bucket of balls with your membership, a subscription to Golf Magazine, and the ability to get a tee time and play on private courses which if you are trying to play in different places to up your games, this might be perfect for you. SO you really have to check with the maker of your rangefinder and see what they can offer you.

But, as a reminder, a membership is not always necessary depending on the company. You will see a lot of Bushnell reviews on Top Golf Rangefinders, and being one of the most well known companies you would think they also have a membership plan. They don’t. Everything that you need can be downloaded and updated without a yearly or monthly plan, which if you love golf and are purchasing one but don’t like added expenses, this could be ideal. So do your research before you buy and see what would work best and then take it out and watch your game improve.

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