Buying MMA Shorts – Size And Length Does Matter

If you train in MMA, then you will know the importance of wearing the perfect shorts in a match. Having a comfortable short ensures that you are able to move around freely in the ring. In contrast, if the shorts make you uncomfortable, then you might make slight mistakes during a fight that can end up costing you the entire match. And if you are just a novice who is entering the MMA arena, and wondering what the perfect shorts should be, then the tips below should help you buy the best MMA shorts.

Length Of The Shorts

One of the first things to consider will be the length of the shorts. Normally, small shorts are used in MMA. However, longer shorts are also available in the market. And until and unless a match specifically mandates the use of small shorts, the participants are generally free to wear whatever they want. As such, try out the various length of shorts, and stick with a length that is comfortable for you. Remember that you should be able to move your legs freely in any way you want. If a short you are interested in causes you discomfort while moving, then do not buy it no matter how much you like it.

Moisture Absorption

Look for shorts with special moisture absorption properties. Such shorts will suck the moisture from your skin and will send it to the outside of the fabric. This will keep the insides of the thigh region dry and cool, enabling you to perform better. There are also models that can repel both sweat and blood. And if you think your MMA training will be so intense that there will be blood, then you can look for such models too.

Specialized Shorts

As far as possible, get shorts that have been designed for the specific type of martial art you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in Vale Tudo, then search for Vale Tudo shorts for MMA on the internet and select a good one. Don’t be satisfied by wearing compression shorts, since these are not meant for Vale Tudo, which are in fact thicker than compression shorts.


You also need to check the seams. Ideally, only purchase shorts with split seams that go down either leg. This will help you with moving freely, and you can pull off high kicks and other such movements with great ease. Without split seams, you might feel restricted and will not be comfortable doing the high kicks.


Watch out for shorts with rubberized waistbands. These will provide extra grip for the shorts, and ensure that they remain in place no matter how complicated a fight becomes. They will also help reduce any unnecessary movements.

Stretch Panels

Finally, ensure that the shorts have stretch panels. For example, since you will need to move your legs quickly wherever you desire, a stretch panel in a crotch area will allow the shorts to stretch without any tear. This not only allows for better movement but also helps you avoid potentially embarrassing incidents.

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