Are Betting Trends Really Important?

Trends and statistics are an efficient way to monitor progress. How well has a team been performing or how many races has a particular horse won? Trends and statistics usually have the answer to all that.

Remember Makybe Diva? A sculpture of this horse stands as a monument in Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln. But one would never know what made Makybe Diva so famous unless they take a look at the horse’s statistics. Makybe Diva won the Melbourne Cup three years in a row (2003, 2004, and 2005), which makes it the horse with most Melbourne Cup wins ever.

So, stats are important – especially in the betting world, unless you like to put your stakes on outsiders or favourites.

Just like the winning percentage of a horse can reveal a lot about its consistent performance and genuineness, the progeny stats can help you depict how well a certain horse can do in a particular type of race. Now obviously, statistics and trends aren’t just limited to horse races. They are equally crucial when betting on teams and/or individual sports.

Just take a look at the number of wins secured by your favourite football team at home or away from it. Even if it’s not for betting purposes, you can still find out where this particular team is likely to perform well and where it might just drop points.

Point is, the more you dig into the statistics and form of a particular player (horse/team/individual sport), the better informed you are about the strengths and weaknesses of the player. This gives you a greater insight into things you should consider when picking odds and placing your stakes.

There are a number of different online Australian platforms that keep updating data, statistics, and information about BlueBet and other online bookmakers for local and international punters. These forums help you compare odds, enter tips and competitions, and get the entire betting related scoop at one place.

We’ve already established the importance of trends and statistics. Bettors who carefully analyse these trends and data before placing their stakes are usually more successful than the ones who don’t. However, trends and statistics aren’t always the right measure of performance and consistency.

For example, a statistics says 10/10 of the winners in the last 10 races were favourites. The only thing this trend tells you is what has happened in the past. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the next 10 races will be won by favourites too. What if a low number stall surprises everyone at the next race?

Here’s another example: you come across a statistic that says 4/10 winners were from high number stalls. Your focus is obviously on the high number stalls right now, but what you’re missing is the fact that 6/10 winners were drawn from the low number stalls. How you read a trend can make a huge difference on how you interpret it – it doesn’t matter what type of bet you make.

So, when dealing with trends and statistics, be careful. Make sure you assess each trend carefully alongside other factors that may impact the performance of your subject on the whole.

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