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6 Tips To Save Money On Your Super Bowl Party

Tickets for the Super Bowl can be expensive and hard to get. As such, the best way to enjoy the game with your loved ones is by hosting a party and gathering all of them around your living room, watching the game on your big TV. And by following the below tips, you can host a good party without breaking the bank.

Have A Potluck

Yes, you might be hosting the party. But it does not mean that you alone have to bear all the costs for it. And a good way to save money will be to have a potluck, where guests bring a few snacks and other food items. This ensures that all your guests have access to a variety of foods, and you won’t even have to spend a penny for it.

Check For Coupons And Supermarket Discounts

During Super Bowl, many discount coupons will be made available by manufacturers and supermarkets. As such, make sure that you check out with your local supermarket when the Super Bowl special sale starts and only shop during those times. What’s more, you might even win a couple of Super Bowl tickets as a part of their lucky draw.


If you do not wish to have a potluck, then definitely consider asking the guests to bring their own alcohol to the party. Buying alcohol is an expensive affair, especially since you are catering to a large group of people. As such, set up your party with a BYOB condition if you are looking to avoid overblowing your budget for the party.

Limit Decorations

Some people choose to decorate their homes while hosting a Super Bowl party. And if you are one of them, then consider purchasing your decorations from a Dollar Store or something similar. After all, you are going to throw them out after the day is over. Hence, it would be a waste of money to spend too much on decorations.

Expensive Vs Inexpensive Food

Many people might think of making expensive foods so as to impress the guests. This is not required. Rather than spend all your money on making a few expensive foods, try to create a large number of inexpensive food items. People love to eat a variety of food, especially during party events.  As such, preparing many inexpensive food items will help you satiate their hunger for diverse foods while also keeping your expenses under control.

Don’t Waste Leftovers

There will likely be leftover foods after the party is over, whether it be Buffalo wings, tortilla wraps, and so on. As such, it is better to plan for such leftovers beforehand. Remember to not fill up your fridge to the limit or else you won’t be able to store the leftovers.

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