5 Most Important Hockey Training Aids

5 Most Important Hockey Training Aids

Here at Sniper’s Edge Hockey, we offer players the best hockey training aids around to help train off the ice and improve your game on the ice. There are a lot of great products, but we understand not everyone can create a full-size home training rink in their basement decked out with every product we offer. 

People often ask us, “if I can only have a few, what are the most important hockey training aids to have at home?” While the answer may differ slightly based on the age and skill level of the player or players training, there are certain must-have hockey training aids that no serious player should go without. 

With these few pieces of equipment, players will be able to do a multitude of drills from home, improve their overall game, and see a real difference on the ice. Here are our five most important hockey training aids. 

1. Hockey Goal

 If you have the space for it, there is no more important piece of equipment for players than a regulation hockey net. If you don’t have the room to use or store a net, a shooting tarp is a good alternative. Training on a real goal though, will make it easier to translate what you work on at home to the ice. 

2. Hockey Shooting Pad

The two major goals of home hockey training aids are to replicate on-ice conditions and protect your equipment. A shooting pad allows you to use real pucks, and they will slide just like you are on ice. It also stops your stick from being chewed up by a concrete or asphalt floor.

3. PassMaster Passer and Rebounder

PassMaster is the perfect home training aid because it gives you many of the advantages of practicing with another player while you are all by yourself. You practice sending passes, receiving passes, and taking passes, and shooting with this piece of equipment. It is a big help, especially for players who tend to train alone more often than not.

4. Sweethands Hockey Stickhandling Trainer

One of the most important reasons to keep your training going off the ice is to get a better feel for the puck (or a ball) on your stick. The more time you spend with the puck on your stick, the more muscle memory you create, and the less you will have to think about what to do when the puck is on your stick on the ice. The Sweethands stickhandling trainer allows you to create this muscle memory as well as improving hand/eye coordination, timing, and stickhandling speed.

5. Dangle Balls

This set of dangle balls gives you everything you need to improve your stickhandling. There is a ball that is heavier than a puck for muscle, lighter than a puck for speed, the same as a puck for technique, and a near-invisible ball to help with feel. You don’t want to just train one way at home; you need the hockey training aids to train all aspects of your game.


We know you probably can’t buy every hockey training aid we offer, and that’s ok. If you want to start somewhere and build when you can, the hockey training aids above are a great place to start. Check out all these and more on our site, snipersedgehockey.com.

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