How To Take Care Of Your Horse Before The Race

Winning a horse race depends on how great of a jockey you are, but having a horse at its full potential also is a factor in winning the race. You take care of yourself by constant training and eating healthy foods and do other activities to prepare yourself before the race. But how do you prepare your horse?

Taking care of your horse will give you a higher chance of winning at races. You must know how to take of them before and after a competition.

One horse racing tips include maintaining your horse at it’s best shape before the race, here are tips on how you can do it:

The condition of your horse before the race is an essential factor when you want an unbeaten run in the race. Maintaining your racehorse includes regular training every day and giving your horse a proper meal.

Horse Racing Tips 1: Include Proper diet

Your racehorse gives off a lot of energy during the race, so you’ll need to provide it with a lot of energy food. What kind of food does your horse need? A racehorse should be fed early in the morning before training, during lunch around 11 am, and a large meal around 4 pm so they’ll be fine for the night until the next day. Remember that a racehorse requires more energy than a grazing horse, so you need to feed it with food that is rich in starch, carbohydrates, or fat.

Additional horse racing tips, aim for a high-quality grain mix with enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, etc., for better muscles tissues and a stronger immune system. Your racehorse is like a car; you need to give it the best fuel to experience optimum speed.

Horse Racing Tips 2: A Daily exercise routine

The everyday routine for your racehorse depends on what kind of race you are preparing for whether it’s for endurance training that requires slow-speed training and high-speed conditioning for faster horses in short distances. A daily routine usually starts with a warm-up, wherein you walk your horse for about 10 minutes in a vertical direction with a few lefts and rights to stretch their neck. Then a trot exercise follows before you start them with a galloping session. After the training, cool down time of 10 minutes is suggested wherein you walk them to reduce their heart rate slowly and for them to be able to relax. Whatever routine is done in between the warm up and cool down depending on what competition you’re preparing for.

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Horse Racing Tip 3: Ice and Heat Therapy

These two therapies are excellent for your horse to treat mild or severe injuries with your horse during the training. Ice therapy is for reducing inflammation and pain in their legs and joints. They also prevent injuries from causing edema and stops bleeding. Heat therapy using infrared blankets on some part of the horse’s body where there is a soreness to reduce the aches.

The importance of having the proper care and diet for your racehorse is it significantly increases the chance of winning the competition. A healthy, well-exercised horse will make sure your horse can give their maximum potential.

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