8 Gift Ideas Every Golfer Would Love To Have

While the season of giving is still a few months away, it pays to be prepared and has your gifting ideas ready for your golf-loving family or friend. Whether they are still learning the ropes of basic golf, or are already in love with the sport, you can never go wrong with an impressive golf club like the Callaway epic flash driver or the latest accessories to enhance their gaming experience.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver

One of this year’s hottest golfing must-haves is the brand new Callaway epic flash driver. With its Flash Face Technology, you can enjoy not only a sophisticated architecture but also enhanced ball speed, improved MOI and more.

Pros and Cons of the Callaway Epic Flash Driver

The Epic Flash Driver’s Flash Face Technology is the first in golf, giving you a one of a kind experience like no other. Aside from the sleek design and the eye-catching colour scheme, it’s adjustable weight, ability to cover more distance and increase your ball’s speed makes it an excellent driver for anyone seeking for a remarkable boost in performance.

As for the cons, it costs more than your regular driver, and not everyone is a fan of the Grey line on the crown. Overall, you get what you pay for – the most advanced driver is worth every penny.

Alternative Golfing Gift Ideas Other Than The Callaway Epic Flash Driver

If Callaway’s new driver is a bit expensive for your taste, you can always find other gifts for your golf-loving loved-ones. Here are other gift ideas that’ll surely paint a smile on the face of your golf buddy.

Heavy-Duty Golf Umbrella

One can never be sure what the weather will be on your loved ones’ golf day. Give them the type of umbrella that every golfer needs – durable, collapse resistant and one with fibreglass rod to rid of your lightning worries.

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SmartWatch For Golfers

Golfers can now enjoy high-tech watches that can monitor not only your heart rate, but your number of strokes, holes, and score. Who wouldn’t want such a watch to show off to their golfing buddies?

Stylish Polo

Want them to feel inspired even while not in the field? Why not gift them a stylish polo they can wear in and out of the golf course? Let them wear their sport right on their sleeve and have them strut their style from the course to dinner dates in clubhouses.

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Golfer’s Multipurpose Pocket Knife

For the dedicated golfers, a tool and pocket knife will always come in handy. They can use this for quick markings and easy repairs on the course.

Leather Golf Glove

Every golfer needs a soft golf glove to help up your game, better grip, and club control. Choose one with soft leather, made with a durable design for easy stroke and swing.

With all of the brand new golf accessories and equipment out in the market, you’ll never run out of golf gift ideas for your golf-loving loved ones. Which of the items above will your golf-loving buddy enjoy? Let us know on the comment section!

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